Frequently Asked Questions

What suburbs do you cover?

We cover all Sydney Metropolitan suburbs, subject to availability.

Can I get health fund rebates?


All of our Massage Therapists are fully qualified and registered with all the major private health funds. At the end of the appointment your Massage Therapist will issue you a receipt with their name, stamp, details and provider number. You can then present your receipt to your private health fund to get a rebate.

I suffer from neck and shoulder pain. I have been advised to get a massage but I have never had one. What kind of massage should I ask for?

Your massage Therapist will first assess your situation by asking you a few questions about your condition. We will then advise you on what is the best treatment for you. Remedial massage is usually the treatment of choice in relieving the pain and tension from the muscles. Additional techniques might be used like Trigger Point Therapy to break the pain pattern. Your Therapist will listen to your questions and concerns and advise you accordingly.

A friend bought me a gift voucher for a home massage but I usually go to the clinic to have a massage. What should I expect from a home massage?

AK Mobile Massage was created for the convenience of the client to enjoy the full benefits of massage in the comfort of their own home. The therapy itself is identical to the therapy received in a clinic. However, the benefits of home massage go well beyond this.

There is no rush for the appointment you’ve made. You simply wait for someone to arrive.
You can unwind after a long day at work without lifting a muscle.
No parking stress. You can just relax.

Your Massage Therapist will arrive with a massage table and towels. He or She will spend a few minutes asking you some simple questions about your requirements and any specific areas you wish to focus on. When you are ready to proceed, your Massage Therapist will leave the room for you to get ready. Once your therapy is complete, the Massage Therapist will again leave the room which will allow you to get up and get dressed. At this point, we always welcome any questions or suggestions you might have.
We are here to help.

When should I have a massage?

Almost any time is a good time to have a massage.

You don’t need to wait until you are injured or stressed. In fact, massage is extremely effective as a preventative maintenance for the body and mind. A regular massage can be a great way to deal with the stress of everyday life as well as prevent any body aches and pains. When you are relaxed on the inside, it will show on the outside.

When should I not have a massage?

A massage is not recommended when you have a fever, suffer from infectious disease, have severe flu or a cold infection.
If you have blood clots, a massage can often aggravate the symptoms and make the condition worse. You should always consult you medical practitioner for advice.

How long will the session last?

On average, your massage session will last for 1 hour from the moment you are lying comfortably on the massage table. This does not include a short consultation before hand. Your massage therapist will ask you a few questions about your general health, the massage technique you require and any trouble areas that you would like us to focus on.

Do I need to be undressed during the massage?

You should always undress to your level of comfort. Your therapist will leave the room while you do so and they will provide towel for you to cover yourself before and after the session.

What kind of of oil will be used?

A high quality oil is applied to greatly reduce friction to the skin. We usually use Sweet Almond or Sunflower Oil which are both known to hydrate the skin, leaving it moist and soft.

I am 30 weeks pregnant and experiencing backache. Is it safe to have massage while I am pregnant and if so, how it will be done?

It is very safe to have a massage at any stage of your pregnancy, provided certain adjustments are done to position the mother safely as she advances with her pregnancy. Plenty of pillows are used for support when you are positioned on your side. This ensures that there is absolutely no pressure on the tummy while your back is being massaged. Your therapist will be happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with any advice you require.

Massage is very beneficial during pregnancy. It not only relieves common aches and pains, but it will leave you with a total feeling of relaxation during this special time in your life.

Your AK Mobile Massage therapist is fully trained in specific techniques used in Pregnancy Massage. You should never receive a massage from an unqualified and trained massage therapist while pregnant.